Urban Arborists will never place cover sprays to attack unspecified pests on a large number of trees and shrubs. We target specific treatments for specific pests on specific plants. We only treat when we observe that the antagonist is present in sufficient numbers to cause harm. We treat only at the time when that pest in vulnerable. 

Every action we take comes from a diagnosis. In some cases, we will suggest doing nothing at all. Where treatments are necessary, we look for the least toxic alternative available. Pine bark adelgid, for example, is a pest commonly found on white pines. There are oils, soaps and more serious pesticides that can treat it, but a good jet of plain water will do the job as well. For Dutch elm disease and the insects that spread it, on the other hand, only a relatively toxic systemic will do. We follow biorational guidelines for all our work, and we offer strictly organic options for clients who prefer them.

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