We love to plant. Nurseries are our equivalent of the corner candy store. In a typical planting season, we will visit at least 15 in-ground nurseries and 3 wholesale yards, in search of the very best plants for our clients. Though we are often seduced by the beauty of plants, we are very careful to recommend the right plants for our clients' conditions and needs. We choose not only the right species and variety, but also the right form for the place the plants will live.  

Wherever possible, whether planting or maintaining landscapes, we prefer to work with the existing soils.In urban areas, trees often suffer from lack of access to uncompacted soil. This is particularly true in street tree pits, but may also occur in areas of parks and institutional grounds where soils are sometimes necessarily compacted. We are adept at working with Cornell structural soils, with Silva Cells, and with porous paving, to increase the availability of soil to plants. We are also able to expand tree pits, providing street trees with greater access to soil.

From March through May and from October through December, we plant at every scale, from a single backyard specimen, to a whole garden of woody plants, to a street allee of half a dozen trees, to plantings of hundreds of trees meant to reduce Urban Heat Island Effect. Urban Arborists has been instrumental in the effort to replace trees lost to the Asian Longhorn Beetle. 

Our clients include individuals, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), block associations, municipalities, institutions, and public agencies.